Westall Encounter

Date: April 6, 1966
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Appearance: Disc
Sources: James J. Kibel; Australian press
Summary: Students and teachers witnessed a UFO landing

Near Melbourne, more than 200 students and teachers at the Westall High School witnessed a UFO which hovered and then descended into a nearby grass field. The events took place on April 6, 1966, around 11:00 am.

The UFO was reported as a noiseless, grey disc-shaped craft with a slight purple hue. Its size was about twice the size of a family car.

When the object took off again, it was pursued by five aircraft which circled it. Later on, students found the grass flattened where the object had landed.

A science teacher from the Westall school, Andrew Greenwood, witnessed the event. James J. Kibel, Australian UFO researcher and photographer, interviewed the teacher. After a child insisted that there was an object in the sky, Greenwood went out and had a look for himself.
He noticed a UFO hovering close to the powerline, that he described as a round, silver object about the size of a car with a metal shaft sticking up in the air. He told about a "cat and mouse" game that the planes played with the UFO, which lasted about twenty minutes. Greenwood said 350 children and staff were watching the event.

The school's Principal ascribed the whole thing to mass hysteria. He told the students not to repeat what they had seen that day to anyone.

A witness reunion was held at Westall Tennis Club Hall, on 8 April 2006, to remember the 40th anniversary of the incident.