Trindade photographs

Date: January 16, 1958
Location: Trindade island, Brazil
Appearance: Disc, shining with phosphorescent glow
Sources: CUFOS; NICAP; officials of Brazilian Navy; Newspapers; CUFOS
Summary: Photos of UFO, 48 witnesses. Photos given to press by President of Brazil.

On February 21, 1958, the Brazilian newspapers Correio de Manha and O Jornal published a sequence of clear daytime photographs showing an oval UFO with a ring in the center, flying off the island of Trindade in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The photos were taken by a professional civilian photographer, Almiro Barauna, on board the Brazilian Navy training ship NE Almirante Saldanha, which was conducting research for the International Geophysical Year (IGY). Captain Viejas' eyewitness description of the incident was published in the Brazilian press:

"The first view was that of a disc shining with phosphorescent glow, which - even at daylight - appeared to be brighter than the moon. The object was about the apparent size (angular diameter) of the full moon. As it followed its path across the sky, changing to a tilted position, its real shape was clearly outlined against the sky: that of a flattened sphere encircled, at the equator, by a large ring or platform. Its speed was around 700 miles an hour [1100 km/h] at the moment it disappeared into the horizon."

The Navy at first kept the matter secret, but the photos were eventually given to the press by the President of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek. Other high-ranking officials such as the Minister of the Navy, Admiral Alves Camera, were quoted in the press vouching for the photos.

A report by Dr. Willy Smith, published by the Center for UFO Studies (NICAP), indicates that all in all, 48 witnesses were on deck during the incident: workmen, sailors, dentist, doctor, aviation officer, professional photographer and members of a submarine diving group.