Tananarive UFO

Date: August 16, 1954
Location: Tananarive, Madagascar
Appearance: Rugby ball shaped, 40 m
Classification: CE 2
Sources: SEPRA; COMETA; Edmond Campagnac
Summary: UFO seen by tens of thousands; affects lights and animals

TananariveOn August 16, 1954, in Tananarive (Madagascar) tens of thousands of witnesses saw an "electric green ball" descending towards the ground. The UFO disappeared behind a hill and reappeared a minute afterwards. It made a circle over the higher parts of Tananarive and next, it proceded to fly above the Avenue de la Liberation, at an altitude of about 100 meters, in front of the amazed inhabitants.

When the UFO flew in front of the Air France personal, they could all get a good look at it. Mr. Edmond Campagnac, technical director of Air France, said that the green object looked like a kind of lens shaped plasma, of approximately 40 meters length. This green lens was followed at about 40 meters by a craft with a silvery metallic aspect and the shape of a rugby ball, 40 meters long. At the back, orange and blue flames were seen. Being a pilot, he estimated its speed at 400 km/h.

The craft was totally silent. In his testimony, Mr. Campagnac explained that the craft did not even make the sound of swishing a glider plane would make through the air.

Several physical phenomena were observed. The witnesses in the whole city noted that public lights and shop lights died out at the moment the craft passed above them, and functioned again after its passage.

Dogs in the whole city were howling and barking. At one time during its travel above the city, the UFO flew above the animal park where peasants kept animals to be sold at the city's markets. These animals entered a state of total panic when the object flew over them, though when noisy airplanes flew over them, the animals did never show any such reaction.

A few minutes after the sighting at Tananarive, a similar craft flew over Sakay, 100 km from Tanarive. If this was the same craft, it must have covered the distance at 4000 km/h.

Jean Jacques Velasco, director of SEPRA, the official French UFO investigation team, pointed out some interesting features:

  • The physical phenomenon of electric lights dying out as the UFO was passing above, and returning to normal when it went further.
  • The reactions of animals.
  • The possibility of the correct estimate of the size because the object passed in front of the hills in the background.
  • The very large number of witnesses.
  • The heterogeneous cultural background of the witness: "Mr. Campagnac might have read about UFOs in Science-Fiction literature, but it is rather doubtful that the Malgaches peasants were all under the influence of US Science Fiction pulps".
  • The fact that the case did not occur in the United States, suspected to be a sociological terrain to made up UFO stories, but in a far away island, shows that good UFO cases exist all over the world.