Stephenville Lights

Date: January 8, 2008
Location: Stephenville, USA
Appearance: Large, very bright amber lights
Sources: MUFON
Summary: Mass UFO sighting, also detected on radar

On the night of January 8, 2008, an unidentified object was seen by multiple persons in the skies near the Texas cities of Stephenville and Dublin. Seventeen different reports were obtained regarding the sightings. The witnesses also indicated that the unknown object was being chased by jets at very low altitude. An employee of Clark Field airport in Stephenville indicated that he heard military jets that were so low and loud that they caused him to go outside and look for the jets.

The Dublin-Stephenville event is unique because there were multiple witnesses at different locations and the sightings occured over a three hour time period.
Additionally, radar data showed an unknown object in the sky at the same time as many of the witness sightings.
The object was described as very bright, large, and silent. The object moved at a very high rate of speed and was also stationary at times. The calculated value of the UFO's size was between 500 and 1000 feet (150 to 300 m).

The witnesses included a constable, a chief of police, a private pilot, and a former air traffic control operator. The number of witnesses (17) and their testimony eliminate any reasonable explanations related to meteors, stars, helicopters, jet aircraft, flares, balloons or blimps.

A constable saw an unknown object south of his home, located 4 miles southwest of Dublin. He described the object as two amber lights that were initially stationary. This is similar to the description given by another witness. He then described the lights as changing to a random movement of 9 to 11 white lights overhead that then departed at a very fast rate of speed to the northeast.

A former air traffic controller saw the UFO to the west of downtown Comanche. His description of the object was very similar to the constable's. He saw multiple lights moving around in a random fashion for almost a minute. Ten to fifteen minutes later he saw military jets in the same area, that he compared to the unknown object as raisins to a grapefruit.

Radar detected an unknown target in the same area. Investigators from MUFON received radar data from both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service. Timings, locations and directions of the witnesses' testimony closely match up with the radar data. With witness testimony from different directions, combined with what was seen on radar, it was calculated that the object traveled at a minimum speed of 2100 mph (3400 km/h).