Malmstrom Air Force Base

Date: March 16, 1967
Location: Montana, USA
Appearance: Oval-shaped, 40 feet
Classification: CE 2
Sources: Robert Salas; Raymond Fowler
Summary: UFO causes missiles to malfunction

On March 16, 1967 all Minuteman nuclear-tipped warhead missiles of Oscar Flight, assigned to Malmstrom AFB, were disabled. On-site security guards observed a large UFO hover above the front gate to the "Oscar" launch control facility. On that same morning, ten Minuteman nuclear missiles at "Echo" shut down as a UFO hovered overhead.

Robert Salas was the Deputy Crew Commander on duty during the incident. He said:

"... that morning we lost anywhere from between 16 to 18 ICBMs at the same time UFOs were in the area and were observed by airmen."

"...we've got testimony from Colonel Don Crawford, who relieved the crew at ECHO Flight and he was there when the missiles were being brought up to alert status and he said it took the whole day."

"The Air Force investigated this secretly (...) I'm convinced it was not built here, because it was able to send signals to each of our missiles separately. The guidance and control equipment was upset in each one."

Robert Jamison, missile targeting officer at Malmstrom AFB, testified publicly at the National Press Club about the fact that all of Oscar flight was disabled and UFOs were reported during this incident. He was called in to restart the Oscar missiles after the shutdown. Because of the number of reported shutdowns, he and his team were given instructions on what to do if a UFO was sighted. For two weeks after the incidents, they received special UFO briefings and instructions.

Also in February 1967, a report said that a UFO was hovering over the Malmstrom Echo launch facility. Don Crawford authorized the immediate use of firearms, but the guard replied that he didnít think it would do any good. Capt. Eric Carlson, a missile control crew commander, confirmed the incident, as did others.

UFO investigator Raymond Fowler was working for the Sylvania Corporation and was involved with the electrical systems of the Minute Man missile system. Fowler has given an interview to "The Christian Science Monitor" in 1973 about the missile shutdowns.

Salas is still an active investigator. He says UFO sightings have occurred many times in the last 50 years, including a 2010 incident at Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, USA, when 50 Minuteman nuclear missiles mysteriously malfunctioned.

A recent sighting of a UFO over the Montana base came on January 24, 2018, when a black object was spotted near the base. The UFO was reportedly larger than 300 feet in size. At the same time, there was a power outage that lasted for ten minutes.