Japan Air Lines Flight 1628

Date: November 17, 1986
Location: Alaska
Appearance: 2 smaller cylinders &
1 big walnut shaped object
Classification: CE 1
Sources: John Callahan; FAA
Summary: JAL flight 1628 encountered a massive UFO in plain sight of pilot and crew.

On November 17, 1986 Captain Kenju Terauchi and his crew, consisting of the co-pilot and the flight engineer, were flying a Japanese Airlines Boeing 747 fright aircraft. They started from Paris, France and headed to their final destination, Tokyo in Japan, carrying a cargo of wine.

Around 5 pm in the evening, the crew noticed two unknown objects to their left rising from below their aircraft and escorting them. Each of the objects had rectangular thrusters with a glow as would be observed with modern day fighters with afterburners. The heat from these glowing thrusters warmed up the cabin of the aircraft. This buzzing by the two objects continued for some time. Next, a much larger walnut shaped object alarmed the crew, who asked the Anchorage air-control towers for changing their flight path. According to Captain Terauchi, the larger object was twice as large as an aircraft carrier. The sighting lasted for 50 minutes.

The Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage also acknowledged sighting of the largest UFO on its radars, as well as the Alaska Air Command at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports indicate the object stayed with JAL 1628 for at least 32 minutes. The FAA investigated the incident, leading to wide media coverage and the exposure of pilot Captain Terauchi, who appeared on radio and TV shows. However, Captain Terauchi was grounded by the airline and had to resign, despite having an excellent flight record.

John Callahan, retired Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), claims that a group of FBI and CIA employees and others arrived at FAA headquarters to be briefed on the sighting. During the meeting, one of the guys from the CIA instructed everyone present that "the meeting never took place" and that "this incident was never recorded." He also ordered the FAA to turn over its radar, air traffic voice communications, and written records relating to the incident. But Mr. Callahan was able to secure videotape, audio evidence and reports of the event.

Callahan stated in an interview:
"As far as I'm concerned, I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for over half an hour on radar."