Flying Cross

Date: October - November 1967
Location: UK
Appearance: Cross-shaped
Classification: CE 2
Sources: BUFORA; newspapers
Summary: Police officers report cross shaped UFO's

"something up there which is not a star or a planet"

- British Royal Observatory
On on October 14, 1967, in Northampton (UK) an object appeared to be coming down towards the ground and was described as gold in colour, looking like a church cross. The UFO floated around until it faded away, with an eyewitness adding that there seemed to be a shadow-like appearance around the cross shape.

On October 24, two police officers were in their patrol car at 4.10 a.m. between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh on the A307 road in Devon, when they noticed a very bright diffused light in the sky. They described it as "star-spangled", like looking at a bright light through wet glass. It appeared to be keeping pace with the car. The policemen radioed their base and started to chase the object, but were unable to catch up with it. It was further reported that towards the end of their sighting, the light was joined by a second similar object before both had disappeared.

On October 26, there was a peak in the number of reports, with eight on the same day. The first sighting of the day was at Oakhampton, Devon, when two policemen described seeing a fiery cross-like symbol.

There was also a daylight sighting at Moigne Downs, Dorset, by Angus Brooks, a former B.O.A.C. administration officer. In a written statement, he reported that at 11.15 am a UFO was seen to descend and hover in the sky. The object was in the form of a circular centre section, with arms projecting in the front and rear. As it hovered, two arms moved outwards at the sides to form a cross shaped object with four arms. After twenty minutes in the hovering position, the arms of the object returned to their original positions. The object then climbed away at increasing speed and disappeared. No sound was heard during the incident.

One explanation was the planet Venus, according to an astronomer of the Royal Observatory at Hurstmonceaux in Sussex. However, after further reports, a statement from the Royal Observatory said that there was "something up there which is not a star or a planet".

Later on, the Ministry of Defence claimed another explanation for the sightings: United States Air Force planes had been carrying out high altitude refuelling exercises at night (Daily Mail, October 28, 1967).
On the following day it was revealed that the Ministry of Defence official explanation for the sightings did not stand up to the facts, because there were no refuelling operations at the times of the sightings. It had been confirmed by a U.S. Air Force spokesman that all of the exercises were between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., whereas the sightings of "fiery crosses" in the sky were between midnight and dawn.

At Reading, Berkshire, at 8.55 p.m. on November 6, a bright UFO in the shape of a cross was seen at Great Billing, Northamptonshire. The object changed colour from white to tangerine orange, and was seen at first travelling fast then slowly before finally stopping. The sighting lasted about ten minutes (Northants Evening Telegraph, November 10, 1967).

At Hook, in Hampshire on October 26, 1967, a vehicles engine, lights and radio all failed simultaneously at 4.30 a.m. when a dark object was noticed stationary over the road ahead. After a few minutes the engine could be started again, but after continuing for a short distance, the failure happened again, with the same dark object seen ahead.

There had been four other vehicle interference effect cases reported in the U.K. during 1967. All of these cases were in the same few weeks of October and early November, with one of the most interesting reports on November 6th between Avon and Sopley in Hampshire when at 1 a.m. the lights of a diesel engine lorry and both the engine and lights of a car coming from the opposite direction failed as a large luminous object passed between the two vehicles.