Falcon Lake

Date: May 20, 1967
Location: Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Appearance: Disc, metallic, 35-40 feet
Classification: CE 2
Sources: Canadian government; APRO; CAPRO; Condon report; Chris Rutkowski; CBC
Summary: Witness is severely burnt by UFO
Stephen Michalak
Stephen Michalak with geometric burn pattern

On May 20, 1967, Stephen Michalak, an industrial mechanic, was doing some amateur prospecting in the Falcon Lake area, some 90 miles east of Winnipeg, Canada. He came into physical contact with a UFO and he sustained rather severe stomach and chest burns. This is a CE-II (Close Encounter of the Second Kind) on two counts: physical traces were found on the area where the UFO landed, and Michalak experienced a series of physiological effects.

Michalak saw two UFO's, descending and glowing red. One UFO landed some 50 m away. The craft was disc shaped, about 40 feet in diameter and approximately 10 feet thick. Its upper cupola or dome was an additional three feet high. The UFO was turning from red to grey, until it finally was the color of "hot stainless steel," surrounded by a golden-hued glow.

Waves of warm air were radiating from the craft, accompanied by the "smell of sulphur." Believing it to be an American experimental test vehicle, Michalak sat back and sketched it over the next half hour. Then he decided to approach it.

He heard two distinct voices coming from within the craft. "Okay, Yankee boys, having trouble?" Michalak said aloud. "Come on out and we'll see what we can do about it." He tried greeting the personnel inside the object in English, Polish, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Russian and German, but without result.

He walked to a small hatch and peered into the opening, but he was unable to see inside, due to a bright yellow bluish light which blocked his vision. He saw that the wall of the craft was about 18 inches thick. He touched it and it burned and melted his glove.

Suddenly the craft tilted slightly and a blast of hot gas shot from a grid-like exhaust vent. This vent was about nine inches high by six inches wide, and contained a uniform pattern of round holes. The gases burned his cap, outer and inner garments, and Michalak sustained rather severe stomach and chest burns. He tore off his burning garments, and threw them to the ground. He then looked up in time to see the craft depart, and felt a rush of air as it ascended. When he walked over to where he had left his things, he noticed that his compass was behaving erratically; after a few minutes, it became still. He went back to the landing site, and immediately felt nauseous and a surge of pain from a headache.

As a result, Michalak was hospitalized for a number of days. The doctors who attended and interviewed him were unable to obtain any information which could account for his burns. The items of clothing which had been burnt by the UFO, were subjected to an extensive analysis at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) crime laboratory. The analysts were unable to reach any conclusion as to what may have caused the burn damage.

At the landing site was a circle about 15 feet in diameter, devoid of the moss and vegetation growing in other areas of the same rock outcropping. Soil samples taken from the immediate area occupied by the UFO were analyzed and found to be radioactive to a degree that the samples had to be safely disposed of. An examination of the UFO landing area was made by a radiologist from the Department of Health and Welfare and a small area was found to be radioactive. The radiologist was unable to provide an explanation as to what caused this area to become contaminated.

The case was investigated extensively by Canadian authorities, the Condon Commission, and several civilian UFO groups; a lot of research was done by Canadian UFO expert and author Chris Rutkowski. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of National Defense, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Manitoba Department of Health were involved. Many reports and documents on the case were eventually released by the Canadian government.

Michalak underwent several medical examinations in the course of the following months. The first took place on the evening of May 20 at Misericordia General Hospital in Winnipeg. The Royal Canadian Air Force file includes a memorandum by a Deputy Base Surgeon who interviewed the physician who examined Michalak. The physician was not aware that the injuries were reportedly linked to a close encounter with a UFO, but had just been told that it was an accident.
Surgeon D.J. Scott reported:

"At examination the physician found an area of first degree burns over the upper abdomen, covering an area of 7-8 inches (17-20 cm) and consisting of several round and irregular shaped burns the size of a silver dollar or less. These were a dull red in color, the hair over the lower chest was singed as was the hair on the forehead with some questionable redness of the right cheek and temple."

Falcon Lake UFO
Stephen Michalak's sketch of the UFO

Both Department of National Defense and RCMP investigation teams were unable to provide evidence which would dispute Michalak's story.

In 1969, the Condon report noted: "... if [Michalak's UFO encounter] were physically real, it would show the existence of alien flying vehicles in our environment."