UFO database application

The creative people of DelphiLand have programmed the Windows application UfoData. We are allowed to distribute this database application via our website. The included database has been partially filled with cases from our site.

How to use the application:

1. Download ufodata.zip to your PC.
2. Create a new folder, such as c:\UfoData
3. Unzip the downloaded file and put the 2 resulting files into the new folder.
4. Start the program UfoData. Enjoy!


  • Add / modify / delete records
  • Each record has a unique ID, containing the date plus case number for that date
  • The database is sorted on field ID
  • Memo field for a short summary of each case
  • Easily find a record containing a keyword (or part thereof) in "description" or "location"
  • Surf to the webpage of the case in question