Colares UFO flap

Date: 1977
Location: Island of Colares, Brazil
Appearance: Several shapes and sizes
Classification: CE 2
Sources: Brazilian Air Force; Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho
Summary: UFO's rays burn Brazilian citizens

The Colares flap refers to UFO sightings that occurred in 1977 on the Brazilian island of Colares. The UFOs attacked numerous citizens with intense beams of light, that left burn marks and puncture wounds. All kinds of UFOs were seen: some big, some small, disc shaped, cigar shaped, luminous or not. The Brazilian government dispatched a team to investigate, under the codename Operation Saucer (Portuguese: Operacao Prato).

By November 1977 doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, took care of some 35 people who were touched by the strange lights. She took blood samples, and concluded that the victims suffered from generalized hypertermia, superficial chronic headache, burnings, intense heat, nauseas, tremors in the body, and presented very small orifices in the skin where they were hit by the rays. Most symptoms usually disappeared after a week.

The COMAR (Comando Aereo Regional, the Regional Air Command of the Brazilian Air Forces) came to the island. Their helicopters, bringing materials and personnel, attempted to chase the UFOs but without much success. During the investigations, the Air Force obtained films in 8 mm format and hundreds of photographs of flying disks in the basin of Marajo. The military operation lasted from September to December 1977.

Documents from "Operation Plate" were released by the Brazilian military in 2009. Below are a few fragments of the official reports:

from military report