Cases: Alphabetical

America West Airlines Case 1995 Airliner encounter with large cylinder shaped UFO.
Battle over Los Angeles 1942 Giant UFO hovering over Los Angeles, hundreds of witnesses. Anti-aircraft batteries fired.
Belgian Wave 1989 Wave of UFO sightings over Belgium from November 1989 until 1991. Over 2000 testimonies. Belgian UFO investigation group SOBEPS collaborated with police and Belgian Air Force.
Bentwaters - Lakenheath 1956 Radar and visual UFO sigthings in the UK for over five hours.
Big Sur 1964 UFO shoots down ICBM.
Boianai sightings 1959 Nearby UFO with 4 "men" on top of it was seen by 38 people.
Brazil's Night of UFOs 1986 More than 20 flying spheres. Visual and radar.
Canary Islands Sphere 1976 Thousands of witnesses see large luminous UFO over the Canary Islands.
Cash Landrum case 1980 Encounter with flaming diamond shaped UFO.
Chiles - Whitted encounter 1948 Airliner had near miss with cylindrical UFO.
Colares UFO flap 1977 UFO's burns Brazilian citizens.
Cosford Incident 1993 Mass sightings of triangular UFOs in the United Kingdom during the last days of March 1993.
Coyne Helicopter Case 1973 Near midair collision between helicopter and UFO.
Exeter incident 1965   Multiple witness UFO in Exeter.
Falcon Lake 1967 Man is severely burnt by UFO.
Flying Cross 1967 Policemen see cross shaped UFO's over UK.
Gulf Breeze Sightings 1987 UFO wave in Gulf Breeze; photographs and videos.
Hudson Valley UFOs 1982 Over 5000 people have seen triangular UFO over a period of five years from 1982 through 1986.
Illinois Triangle 2000 Illinois police officers observe huge triangular UFO.
Indian Point reactor 1984 UFO hovers over active nuclear reactor.
Japan Airlines flight 1628 1986 JAL cargo flight encounters UFOs.
Kecksburg Crash 1965   Acorn-shaped UFO crashes in a field.
Kenneth Arnold sighting 1947 The beginning of the modern UFO era: a pilot saw nine UFOs.
Kuwait UFO Landing 1978 UFO lands in Kuwait and shuts down oil pumping station.
Levelland case 1957 Fifteen independant reports of engine and lights failure caused by UFO.
Malmstrom AFB Incident 1967 UFO shuts down nuclear missiles.
Mantell crash 1948 Captain Thomas Mantell died when chasing a UFO.
Nimitz Tic Tac 2004 Navy pilots see "tic tac" shaped UFO.
O' Hare International Airport 2006 Twelve United Airlines employees spot UFO.
Pascagoula Abduction 1973 Abduction at Pascagoula River.
Phoenix Lights 1997 Black triangles and V-shaped UFOs with lights, seen over Phoenix by thousands.
Portland UFO Chase 1966 Sheriff deputies chase UFO for 86 miles.
Redmond incident 1959 Policeman observed large UFO, seen also by FAA personal, tracked on radar, and chased by USAF jet fighters.
Rendlesham Forest 1980 Unexplained lights and landing of unknown craft in Rendlesham Forest, England, near RAF station Woodbridge.
Roswell crash 1947 Debris of UFO recovered. Army press release says "flying disk recovered".
Socorro landing 1964 Police officer saw UFO land. Two small humanlike occupants.
Stephenville Lights 2008 Mass UFO sighting, also detected on radar.
Tananarive 1954 Thousands of witnesses see UFO over capital of Madagascar. Physical phenomena were observed.
Tehran Dog-Fight 1976 UFO jams communications and weapons systems of jet.
Trindade island 1958 Photos of UFO given to the press by President of Brazil.
Westall Encounter 1966 Australian students and teachers observe UFO.
White House UFO Incident 1952 Many UFOs flying over Washington D.C. were also picked up on radar. Jets were ordered to intercept.