Canary Islands Sphere

Date: June 22, 1976
Location: Canary Islands, Spain
Appearance: Sphere
Classification: CE 3
Sources: Antonio Hunneus; journalist J. Benitez; Spanish Air Force
Summary: Thousands of witnesses see large luminous UFO over Canary Islands
Canary Islands
Photo of large luminous UFO over the
Canary Islands in 1976

On the night of June 22, 1976, a large unidentified luminous phenomenon was observed throughout the Spanish Canary Islands. Newspaper headlines proclaimed the following day that thousands of people had seen a spectacular luminous UFO, that was observed from Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. A medical doctor and his taxi driver reported a transparent sphere with two tall entities inside.

The Spanish Air Force investigated the case. The files, comprising over 100 pages of questionnaires, evaluation, appendices and illustrations, were officially declassified in June 1994. The Air Force files contained depositions of fourteen witnesses, and included a color photograph, taken by a tourist. According to the photo lab where the film was developed, no trickery or modification of any kind was added.

At 21:27 hrs, the entire crew of the corvette Atrevida of the Spanish Navy saw an intense yellowish-bluish light moving from the shore towards their position and next becoming stationary. The original light went out and a luminous beam from it began to rotate. It remained like this for approximately two minutes. Then an intense great halo of yellowish and bluish light developed, and remained in the same position for 40 minutes. In the center of the luminous halo, a blue cloud appeared. The halo lit up parts of the land and the ocean with its glow.

At 21:30 hrs, a similar phenomenon was observed by many people in the Grand Canary Island. Witnesses interviewed by the Air Force were from the villages of Galdar, Las Rosas and Agaete. They were from different professions: medical doctor, school teacher, farmer, sergeant, two taxi drivers, police guard and laborers. A smaller luminous globe with two figures inside, was observed by a doctor, a taxi driver and a woman.

The CE-III's main witness was a physician from the town of Guia, Dr. Francisco Padron Leon. He was riding in a taxi to attend a patient. As he entered the last part of the road, the car lights pointed at a luminous sphere that was stationary and very close to the ground. It was made of a transparent and crystalline-like material, since it was possible to see through it the stars in the sky.

The sphere had an electric blue color, and a radius of about 30 m (100 ft). In the lower third of the sphere he could see a platform of aluminum-like color and three large consoles. There were two huge figures of 2.50 to 3 m (8.5 to 10 ft) tall, dressed entirely in red and facing each other, and wearing some kind of head gear.

Dr. Padron asked the taxi driver if he was seeing the same thing, and he exclaimed: "My God! What is that?" Then he observed that some kind of bluish smoke was coming out from a central tube in the sphere, covering the periphery of the sphere's interior without leaking outside. Then the sphere began to grow until it became huge like a 20-story house, but the platform and the crew remained the same size. The sphere rose slowly, moving toward Tenerife. Suddenly it reached enormous speed and it dissolved into a bluish spindle-shape with red underneath. A brilliant white halo was formed close to the object, which was forming another very brilliant blue halo. It disappeared in the direction of Tenerife.

Dr. Padron's testimony was confirmed by the taxi driver, who also saw "a craft that looked as if it was made of transparent crystal," about 25 m (85 ft) high and 20 m (65 ft) wide, with "two persons dressed in brilliant red inside." In addition, there was a third witness, an illiterate woman who was a relative of the doctor's patient. She was watching TV when the screen went blank and the dogs began to bark. She ran to the window in time to see the doctor's car and just above it the great blue ball. She also saw the two figures inside. She panicked, closed the windows and doors of the house and began to pray.